Bristol Card Solutions - About Us

At a Glance

Bristol Card Solutions is a leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic cards, card systems and ID accessories.  Built upon a solid foundation of unwavering adherence to core values of integrity and professionalism, we provide a full service to the trade, industry and government establishments.  The Company is headquartered in Bristol UK with a manufacturing facility on the Isle of Wight, and distribution channels throughout Europe.

We are a dedicated team of individuals with huge experience within our industry sector, and with a clear focus on meeting corporate strategies.

What We Do

Bristol Card Solutions are specialists in the manufacture and supply of plastic cards, ID accessories, and associated products & services.

Working predominantly for the trade, a reliable, confidential and effective bespoke service is provided.  This can range from the supply of stock products delivered accurately and in a timely fashion, to project partnerships from concept, design and strategy development, right through to manufacture and fulfilment. 

Every requirement is individual, and our dedicated team are entirely focused on doing the right thing, and arriving at the right answers, for every clients unique needs.

Company History


Founded as WABCO, and currently trading as Bristol Card Solutions, the company was established in 1976. 

Our founder came from a background of pioneering engineering expertise at the cutting edge of the aerospace industry.  This background infiltrates its entrepreneurial enthusiasm for continuous improvement into all areas of the company to this day.

A passionate adherence to his legacy of Innovation and Quality has kept Bristol Card Solutions relevant, and always at the forefront of the ever evolving world of plastic cards for 40 years.

Today we operate throughout Europe and are involved in a huge spectrum of projects and card applications such as National Driving Licenses, Immigration Passes, ID and Access Cards & associated ID Accessories, Gift & Loyalty Card programs, Transportation Schemes, Event Management, Hotel Key Cards and many others besides.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

Our Mission declares our lasting purpose to the world.

  • Experience Matters®.  Our knowledge is available to others that need it - this underpins everything we do
  • Keep the world moving and a more secure place
  • Disrupt the status quo
  • Create turn-key solutions to effectively satisfy even the most diverse needs
  • Empathising with our clients’ objectives, together we drive results, building mutual and enduring value

Our Vision

Our Vision is our road-map and our future-state.


  • To be the recognised leader in the Security, ID, Gift & Loyalty card market-places in the UK and Europe
  • Provide to the world a portfolio of quality products that anticipate and satisfy
  • Be easy to buy from with the best facility, and the most clued-up, knowledgeable staff in the industry


  • Be regarded as the most valuable and reliable partner by all our customers
  • Provide an exceptional customer experience wherever we are touched


  • Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be


  • Maximise long-term return to share-holders, whilst being mindful of our overall responsibilities


  • Operating from a world-class facility, be an agile, lean and purposeful organisation.

Core Values

Our values act as a compass for every action and interaction in our working lives and beyond, and set us apart as a unique proposition.

1. Integrity

Our business is built on long-lasting relationships.  We hold to one simple principle - always do the right thing.

  • Always be trustworthy & honest
  • Be aware of limitations and act accordingly
  • Observe and follow legal and operational obligations
  • Respect others, both corporately and persons
  • Adhere to appropriate use and protection of company information, knowledge and assets
  • Deliver what we promise

2. Professionalism

Our duty is to conduct ourselves in a professional manner towards clients, suppliers and colleagues at all times.

  • Fulfil commitments and obligations
  • Communicate in a clear and concise fashion what needs to be communicated
  • Mentor others to realise their best potential
  • We are solution providers, and go that extra mile to deliver
  • Set aside personal circumstance and provide a consistent, even experience to everyone we come into contact with
  • Use our specialist knowledge generously to problem solve and train to the benefit of others

3. Passion

We love our heritage, our products, people, brand, suppliers and our customers. This drives our passion in everything that we do.

  • We believe in what we are doing and where we are going
  • We live by the power of 'can do'
  • Our reputation is our largest asset - we will protect it at all costs
  • Delighted customers is our objective
  • Positive energy flows from our team to ignite, energise & engage all those we come into contact with
  • Our hearts are absorbed in all that we do

4, Exceed

Never satisfied with the status quo, we constantly raise the bar both individually and corporately.

  • Our sail is set to go beyond our obligations
  • We love being stretched, and will always work to meet new challenges
  • No request is too great or too small
  • Surprise expectations - provide that ‘extra’ that makes the customer smile
  • Yesterday is history - tomorrow we do better
  • Always ask yourself - what more can I do?

5, Team Spirit

We work together as one team

  • Be a proactive contributor
  • Share great ideas and best practices
  • We help our colleagues to grow personally and professionally
  • Work hard and play hard drives us forwards; we have fun together in what we do
  • United we stand, divided we fall regulates every relationship in the company
  • Patience, friendship, tolerance, support and fidelity mark the way we work together

6, Originality

Whether it’s the solution to a challenge, a new innovation or simply the way things are done, an originality marks ‘The WABCO Way’

  • Think outside the box – don’t forget, there’s a ‘first’ for everything
  • Don’t be shackled by convention
  • Be brave, adventurous, creative and open-minded
  • Produce something fresh and unusual – think ‘how could we do this better, and enhance the customers’ experience in the process?’
  • Originality should aid the end goal
  • With originality we get differential, with differential we are unique which adds value to all we do

People & Culture

Our people are our greatest asset – we say it often and with good reason. It is the dedication, determination and personality of our people with which we serve our clients.

We aim to be a great place to work where people are inspired and motivated to exceed.

When recruiting we’re looking for people who both understand our core values, and are willing to embrace and live them to the full.

A culture of success prevails - we are on the winning side

Client Comments

International Print Management Company

  • Lads - you have done an amazing job. The client is really happy.

Premier League Football Team

  • Just wanted to send a quick email to say how happy we are with the Season Cards/Wallets.  The service you guys offered was top class, and we appreciated all the efforts.

UK Direct Mail Company

  • Thank you for your help last week, I just wanted to say that you did a great job with the cards given the time (or lack of it in this case). Our customer was very grateful that you pulled out all the stops to help get the mailing out on Friday.

European ID Card Bureau

  • Great - you are the best

Trade Print House - UK

  • I would like to praise you all at Bristol Card Solutions on the high level of service which you offer, and we will definitely use you as our preferred supplier whenever possible.

International Franchise Group

  • The order arrived safely with the client.  Many thanks to both yourself and S, not only for arranging the order on incredibly short notice, but in particular for going out of your way to save us on carriage costs; truly excellent service.

Corporate Responsibility & Code of Conduct

WABCO UK recognises that it has responsibilities to all stakeholders including employees and their families; the need to foster business relationships with partners, customers, suppliers and others, and the impact of our operations on local communities and the environment.

Employees are highly regarded and valued, and their employment and other rights are respected.  We are committed to the principle of equal opportunity.

As a company and individually we are committed to conducting ourselves in an ethical and professional manner in all aspects of business.  Our success depends on our maintaining our excellent corporate reputation and everyone in the company has a vital role to play.

We are dedicated to supplying products of top quality to meet its customers’ requirements in a manner that is consistent with high environmental and ethical standards.

The company makes substantial contributions to charities and communities in the areas in which it operates its business.

A full copy of our Code of Conduct is available upon request.

Environmental Statement

A key element of the strategy that WABCO UK employees to maintain excellence in quality of product and level of service is its commitment to environmental issues.  

We have a commitment to the environment and to minimisation of the effects to it that are caused by manufacturing.

To attain the highest of standards we promote a policy of quality and environmental programmes based on the following objectives:

  • Research dedicated to maintaining at the forefront of innovation in the market to ensure the most extensive product offering for our clients delivered with the highest level of service.
  • The introduction of products that bear the environment in mind such as our FOTODEK™  biodegradable plastic card range and the promotion of 100% PETG cards that create less harmful by-products during actual core & overlay plastic manufacture.
  • Continual improvement, corrective and preventative measures and waste reduction.
  • The confidential shredding and recycling of waste and any production overs that are surplus to future requirements.
  • Achieving customer satisfaction and optimum quality standards.
  • Training and awareness of environmental responsibilities for all persons employed.
  • Controlled operations and instructions that are documented implemented and maintained.
  • Supporting the principles of pollution prevention through the adoption of all applicable regulations and conformity to legal requirements.
  • Regular auditing of our operations to assess compliance.
  • Providing a framework for reviewing quality and environmental objectives at a senior level.