Bristol Card Solutions - Environmental Statement

A key element of the strategy that WABCO UK employees to maintain excellence in quality of product and level of service is its commitment to environmental issues.  

We have a commitment to the environment and to minimisation of the effects to it that are caused by manufacturing.

We are currently working towards implementation of ISO 14001 accreditation for Environmental Standards to govern working practices.

To attain the highest of standards we promote a policy of quality and environmental programmes based on the following objectives:

  • Research dedicated to maintaining at the forefront of innovation in the market to ensure the most extensive product offering for our clients delivered with the highest level of service.
  • The introduction of products that bear the environment in mind such as our FOTODEK™  biodegradable plastic card range and the promotion of 100% PETG cards that create less harmful by-products during actual core & overlay plastic manufacture.
  • Continual improvement, corrective and preventative measures and waste reduction.
  • The confidential shredding and recycling of waste and any production overs that are surplus to future requirements.
  • Achieving customer satisfaction and optimum quality standards.
  • Training and awareness of environmental responsibilities for all persons employed.
  • Controlled operations and instructions that are documented implemented and maintained.
  • Supporting the principles of pollution prevention through the adoption of all applicable regulations and conformity to legal requirements.
  • Regular auditing of our operations to assess compliance.
  • Providing a framework for reviewing quality and environmental objectives at a senior level.